Friday, January 12, 2007

blogging, What It's All About

For those of you who remain in doubt,
Of what this health blog is all about,
In my next blog, I shall launch a new series,
to support and add to my health care theories.

I shall quote from my unpublished text,
“Your Doctor and You.”
This unknown volume, for better or worse,
has something borrowed, something blue.

This is how I will publish my book,
Even if by blog, hook, and crook.
The book tells of errors of commissions and omissions,
hospital admissions, and less than optimal conditions.

I will talk,
and I will not balk,
about what is, could be, and should be,
what patient-doctor relationships can be,

What the U.S. health system has wrought,
why patients and doctors are distraught,
how patients to doctors might ruefully relate,
about special circumstances and mutual fate.

About those vulnerable venrables called patients,
their different and difficult physician relations.
keeping patients well,
making them feel swell.

About heeding different patient circumstances,
talk of medical bankruptcies and low finances.
terrors of waiting,
fears of time abating.

About those who with cancer suffer,
the need for a holistic buffer,
unraveling clinical mysteries
listening to medical histories,

About how patients can relate,
faith and fate,

About patient-doctor fundamentals,
not accidentals or incidentals.
Patients and doctors are the backbone.
Their importance cannot be overblown.

In composing these chapters to follow,
I tried to make them easy to swallow.
I have followed this famous poetic advice ,
created by Kipling as a journalistic device

“I keep six honest
Serving men
(They taught me all I knew)
Their names are What and
Why and When
And How and Where and Who.”

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