Wednesday, January 10, 2007

blogging, doggerel - Cosmic Relief

Confessions of a Blighted Blogger

Believe me, it is gratifying to be considered cosmic,
but nettlesome typos can quickly render you comic.

Why not, you say, use spellcheck as a corrective cog?
Sounds good, but spellcheck changes “blog” to “bog.”

It is wonderful to be considered telepathic,
but what kills you is still the typographic.

Some astute readers of this daily blog,
say I must work in an acute pea soup fog.

Others point a finger at my mistakes.
and say I ought to do second takes.

You close readers are quite correct.
With spelling I may fail to connect.

Misplaced colons and commas I may miss.
For your diligence, I throw you a kiss.

As I write this Internet diary,
I may become lazy and tirey.

I strive too hard, as I just did, to rhyme.
In the process, I commit a verbal crime.

He who strives to be his own editor,
has a fallible fool for a word doctor.

When you’re close to the material,
your errors tend to become serial.

Nevertheless I thank you error pickers.
I need more people like you sticklers.

Without you and those of your kind,
I might become a legend in my mind.

This business of a daily bloggery,
is an open invitation to pettifoggery,

Readers are right about the small stuff,
But they have yet my big ideas to rebuff.

By the way, in closing,
just in case you’re dozing,

have you heard about the expert in punctuation?
He developed an acute intestinal obstruction.

He feared as a common period, life might end,
But a skilled surgeon came around the bend,

And instead of the expert’s life being stolen,
he survived and thrived as a semicolon.

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