Saturday, January 20, 2007

Electronic medical records - Digital Doubts -- More Perverse Verse

I have lingering deep-down digital doubts,
computers can storm all human redoubts.
can watch-over, make-over, and take-over
all patient-provider check-ups and fallouts.
No matter what the software rendition,
you cannot program the human condition.
In the end, I suppose you could say,
If dogmatic digital doggerel is okay,
You cannot out-google,
Every human boon-doogle.

Hickory Clickety Doc.
Hickory Clickety Doc.
The computer mouse ran up the clock.
The mouse rang up $’s on the clock.
Every step of the way,
every minute of every day,
the Doc had to pay,
despite practice flow disarrays,
staff training, and other delays,
and no clear or obvious
returns for financial outlays.

Next: Presentation before the National Summitt on Quality/Performance, Management& Compliance in Healthcare, Comprehensive Health Solutions, Inc., Orlando, Florida, January 23, 2007

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