Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why Is the President Unteachable?

The professor president who loves to talk about teachable moments is himself unteachable.

Bret Stephens, “An Unteachable President,” Wall Street Journal

Why is President Obama so unteachable?
Is it because he thinks he is unimpeachable?

Does he believe others are always to blame?
Is it because of his good intentions and fame?

Does he distrust steadfast men of action?
Does he trust only wishful men of caution?

Is it because as a former law professor,
He prefers to be a lecturer rather than a listener?

Is it because he denies existence of defeats,
Through his many Mid East strategic retreats?

Is it because he thinks solely of nation-building at home,
And shuns foreign distractions far from the capitol dome?

Is it because of his bias against intervention,
His bent towards inaction and accommodation?

Is it because he believes his enemies are evil.
That he’s an angel and they represent the devil?

Is it because he doesn’t realize he left a vacuum,
That others rushed into to fill like pond scum?

Is it because of obsession with no boots on the ground,
Left abundant ground for ISIS terrorists to abound?

Why is the President so reluctant to admit that power,
Has a place in the United States’command tower?

Whatever happened to the Russian reset?
Why was that such a bad disastrous bet?

So much for nettlesome foreign affairs,
What about domestic political nightmares?

ObamaCare, immigration reform, planned parenthood,
And other issues widely and deeply misunderstood.

On these he remains in his ideological bubble,
Far above and removed from the common rubble.

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