Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An Ode to Donald Trump on the Eve of Second GOP Debate

Why is Trump tomorrows debate's center of attention?
What accounts for his unfathomable ascension?

Donald is brash, blunt, and even bizarre.
But he has the skills of a reality TV star.

He uses TV to hog national show time,
But he never, never, uses his own dime.

He repeats simple phrases “Make America Great Again.”
He calls others stupid and vows to end the brain drain.

Only he, says, can get those foreign deals done,
Outsmart foreign leaders and put them on the run.

He claims he will bring jobs back to America,
So many as to defy belief beyond numerica.

He will build a tall impenetrable Trump wall,
for which Mexico will pay or take a monetary fall.

He will build up our defenses and our military,
And, if needed, bury enemies in the cemetery.

Be they Iranian mullas, ISIS extremists, or Putin thugs.
He and his team will wheel and deal and subdue these slugs.

He will replace and repeal ObamaCare.
But just how he spares us the detail.

Opponents claim his policies’ details are contradictory,
So what, he counters, there’s no substitute for victory.

He may prove to be a bully in the bully pulpit,
But rest assured, he will always make a profit.

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