Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The New Math

In mathematics two plus two makes four.
But in politics two plus two means much more.

In our so-called checks and balances system,
Balance was supposed to prevent mayhem,

Congress was to advise and consent.
too much Presidential power to prevent.

As a backup people could always vote,
Should either side try to jump the moat.

To keep things honest and on an even keel,
A president veto could bring Congress to heel.

But that was before Obama’s presidency,
And his unilateral actions without precedency.

Voters and Congress he has learned to circumvent
With executive action, he has avoided the malcontents.

has learned to create the new political math,
To get his way without taking a political bath.

Only 40% of voters approve the Affordable Care Act,
Yet it passed without a single GOP vote, that’s a fact.

Only 34 of 100 Senators approve the Iran Deal,
Yet even without his veto, the deal will become real.

His disregard for voters and their representatives,
Is astonishing: no one has come up with preventatives.

Since when does two-thirds disapproval,
become equal to two-thirds approval/

It must come down to executive unilateralism,
and the power of presidential supernaturalism.

The mathematician may say two and two makes four.
But in politics sum are calculated at the back door.

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