Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Healthcare.Gov Ping Pong
Critics say enrollment is government Ping Pong,
A form of healthcare.gov impediment Ding Dong,
You start the digital electronic game,
By clicking the healthcare.gov name,
The website refers you to a call center,
It bounces you back to the website center.
Of course you can call real live persons,
If your digital delays frustration worsens.
The administration says people on the phones,
Are personal navigators, not mindless drones.
But the drones return you back to healthcare.gov,
Which represents the government powers above,
President Obama says the game is a  slam dunk.
But it leaves health consumers in a damn funk.

Tweet:  So far getting information from health exchanges is like government ping pong – healthcare.gov. to call centers and back again.



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