Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Unholy Alliance- Trump and the Media

An Unholy Alliance is an alliance that’s unnatural, unusual, unanticipated, detestable, and undesirable between two natural enemies and seemingly antagonistic parties.

Such is the alliance between Donald Trump and the media.
Trump dislikes the media. He says its practitioners are “unfair.” The media distrusts Trump, calling him a “bombastic clown” who is not serious about becoming president.

Yet Trump depends on the media for exposure. And the media depends on Trump for higher ratings. It’s a partnership forged in Hell or Heaven, depending on one's point of view.

In the last several weeks, Trump has been on the covers of People Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, Time Magazine, He has been featured on prime time TV programs, including 60 Minutes. Saturday Night Live will devote a full hour to him this weekend. He has been the subject of 18.6 million tweets compared to 5.67 tweets for Hillary.

Trump’s says, “Think of it. I’ve spent the least, and I’m in first place a lot.” “Nobody’s bigger than me. Nobody’s better than me. I’m a rating machine.” “I’m everywhere, all of the time.” He's a legend in his mind, and the minds of everybody else. Think of it. He might just be on the path for the Presidency.

Matt Viser writing in the October 15 Boston Globe, capture the essence of what’s happening with the title of his article “Trump has found his running mate: the Media.” The media can’t help itself. It loves a good story and high ratings more than it detests Trump. And Trump loves exposure more than he distrusts his detractors and philosophical opponents, when they are saving him money and advancing his campaign. An ego is a terrible thing to waste.

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