Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Questions to Ask When Watching Tonight’s GOP Debate on the Economy

1. Are you better off economically after 7 years of the Obama Presidency?

2. Is your income higher or lower than 7 years ago?

3. Are President Obama’s present policies or President Bush’s past policies or GOP opposition responsible for the slowest economic growth since World War 2?

4. Does the economy do better under Democrats or Republicans?

5. Does big government with higher taxes and more regulations produce better results than small government with lower taxes and fewer regulations?

6. Which political party cares more or does more for the middle class?

7. Has ObamaCare improved the affordability or status of your personal health care?

8. Do you trust government controls or market freedoms to do the right thing for you economically?

9. Is an “insider” traditional politician or an “outsider” results-oriented candidate more likely to change the direction of the country for the better?

10. Which candidate makes you most optimistic about your future or the future of the country?

11. Do you think American voters and the “wisdom of the masses” can be trusted to make the right decisions for the country?

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