Saturday, June 20, 2015

Transition from ObamaCare to Free Market Care

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, anticipating a Supreme Court rejection of federal ObamaCare subsidies in 34 states, has set forth the following proposal to transition from ObamaCare to a free market subsidies.

He stresses his proposal is not a substitute for ObamaCare, but would have support among Republicans and the American public, because it is realistic, would create a financial bridge to a new system, would lower costs, decrease impact on the $18 trillion federal deficit, would decrease premium costs and increase choice for health plans and providers for the middle class, and would protect 8 to 10 million Americans who already have subsidies.

Essentially, his plan buys time to transition to a new system

The plan, which he calls “If You Like Your Health Plan," You Can Keep It Act, contains the following elements.

• A grandfather clause allowing those with federal subsidies to keep those subsidies for 2 years.

• Ends the unpopular individual and employer mandates.

• Ends insurance company bailouts.

• Offers health care tax credits for all by equalizing tax credits for everyone.

• Allows people to shop for insurance across state lines.

Again his plan is not a panacea. It recognizes reality, that you cannot abruptly end a law that has already been implemented. You cannot immediately repeal all of its elements, such ending subsidies for 10 million or so citizens or removing provisions that protect those with pre-existing illness, said to number over 100 million.

But you can highlight the flaws in the bill, retain its benefits, and limit. its damages. And you can put forth a proposal that will unify Republicans and appeal to the majority of Americans.

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