Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Supreme Court June Balloon

Well, here we are, it is the first of June.

This month the health law faces its high noon.

The majority of Court must decide

Whether federal subsidies to override

That is one thing destined to take place,

The other is price hikes consumers face.

ObamaCare is like a big balloon,

When you press down from the D.C. top,

to make sure price rises for the poor stop,

The size of the balloon does not change.

When you lower bottom prices on the exchange,

Costs for middle of the balloon bulge out,

and the middle class take it on the chin,

Though the underclasses are said to win.

Health plans to save their for-profit skins,

Hike costs for investors to make amends,

The size of the balloon remains the same.

In the health care economic game.

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