Monday, March 9, 2015

Supreme Court - “Your Guess Is As Good As Mine”

Steve Huntley, a Chicago Tribune reporter, ends a piece entitled “Only Legal Gymnastics Can Save ObamaCare,” with this line “Your Guess Is As Good As Mine.”

And mine is as good as his. Anything you read about a Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare is sheer speculation.

Yes, you can make your shrewd guess, you can put forth your fertile hypothesis, you can leap to your compelling tentative conclusion, you can read what you want into Justices’ questions, and you will be right about half the time.

Only the shadow knows how this thing is going to come out, and she’s not talking. The news gives no clues. Polls In Florida in the district that signed up the most enrollees, a Democratic plus, says it will vote Republican. Republican states have the jitters because the Court may rule in their favor, and in 34 states, they might have to form their own exchanges – a dicey and expensive proposition. Oregon, a deep blue state, has jettisoned its exchange. Tension mounts whether Republicans in House and Senate can come up with workable plan before the Court decides.

And so, we are left in limbo, in a state of high drama and continuing saga. It’s not over until the 9 justices decide, and the fat lady sings

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