Friday, March 6, 2015

ObamaCare Has Another Day in Court

Every person deserves to have another day in court and the right to appeal.

Legal dictum

Well, today, March 4, 2015, is a day that has finally come – the day when ObamaCare has its second day in the Supreme Court, the first day being the 2012 Supreme Court decision declaring the health law constitutional. This time the issue is whether the Obama administration can offer subsidies through federal health exchanges when the law explicitly said the subsidies were to go only to people in exchanges” established by the state.”

Here is a sampling of what the headlines have to say about the proceedings.

“Critical Day for ObamaCare as High Court Hears New Challenge”

“Solicitor General Will Try Again to Keep Health Care Law Alive”

“ Health Care Insurers’ Biggest Fear: An ObamaCare Death Spiral”

“White House Says It Has No Plans if Health Law Defeated in Court”

“For Obamacare, Today Is A Big Day In Court”

“Looking Forward: Health Law Supporters See Dire Consequences If They Lose King V. Burwell “

“Poll: Majority Wants Congress To Step In If High Court Nullifies Health Law Subsidies”

“High Court Face-Off: Today's Arguments A Rematch For Attorneys Arguing The Case”

Until the Court renders its decision in June, these headlines tell us essentially every thing we need to know about the questions the Court faces: Does the law mean what it says? Did its writers mean something else? What will be the consequences if it is defeated? Should ObamaCare live or die? ObamaCare goes down, will Congress step in to soften the impact? Which side will win the legal rematch? For conservatives, if the first time you don's succeed, try again.

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