Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Texas in Perspective

When you’re from Texas, it’s hard to be humble.

Texas saying

Texans think big. Texans think of Texas as the land of growth, enterprise, and opportunity.

Texans think economic growth trumps social inequality. They believe in compassionate conservatism.

Texans think energy in the form of fracking and natural gas trumps but complements wind and sun. You can have it all.

Texas believe in the Jeffersonian creed: government is best that governs least, government rules at the consent of the governed, equality of opportunity, and the best will follow – high employment, high wages, affordable living, low taxes, and social quality and justice.

Texans talk big and believe business is more important than government . This may be why the national media and progressives say Texans have no compassion, ignore society, lack intelligence, and are all hat and no saddle. This may be why the likes of governor Rick Perry, senators Ted Cruz and John Coryn, and Tea Party Representative are down played and put down, and the social problems of the uninsured, Medicaid, and Hispanic immigrants are highlighted.

Economic results not social occupy Texas citizens. The important thing is Texas is growing, business is booming, unemployment is dropping, and everybody, including Californians, Northeasterners, and physicians, are moving to Texas ( Les Christie, “Why Everybody Is Moving to Texas,” CNNMoney, September 29, 2014).

CNN says more Americans have moved to Texas in recent years than any other state – 387,000 according to the 2013 census. Austin is America’s fastest growing major city. Five of the 20 fastest growing large cities – Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth – are in Texas. Why? Number one – jobs. Number two –affordable housing. Number three – cheap cost of living. Number four – friendly business climate. Number five – low taxes. Number six - few rules and regulations.

The BBC lists ten reasons.

1. Jobs

2. Affordable living

3. Homes

4. Low taxes

5. Choices of places to live

6. Austin in particular

7. Family friendly

8. Fewer rules

9. Normal people and cohesive society

10. Permanent residents

Maybe, after all is said and done, it’s Americans following the Jeffersonian creed.

• Government is best that governs least.

• Government following the consent of the governed.

• Equality opportunity, not equal results, for all.

• Economic growth, not government, as best distributor of social benefits.

As for doctors who are flocking to Texas in record numbers. They like the friendly and fair malpractice climate, the political strength of independent practitioners, the demand for physicians, and the presence of world-renowned medical centers.

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