Monday, September 22, 2014

ObamaCare News of the Day

This news in old enough, yet it is everyday’s news.

Shakespeare (1564-1616), Measure for Measure

The new news for ObamaCare is old news remains bad news.

The news as reflected in these three articles all say ObamaCare is headed for a fall in the November midterms.

1. Robert Ehrlich, “Affordable Care Act Lies, Baltimore Sun, September 20

2. Jeffrey Anderson, “Voter Intensity Strongly Against ObamaCare,” The Weekly Standard>, September 20

3. David Gergen, “ISIS Rollout Resembles Launch of ObamaCare,” The CNN Report, September 21

• Ehrlich, former Maryland Governor, former member of Congress, and now a law partner, reels off these ObamaCare “lies.”

1. Young people will love it.

2. Everybody will finally become covered.

3. Health reform will have little impact on employment.

4. You can keep your insurance if you like it.

5. The medical device tax is a moneymaker.

6. The health law will appease the progressive consciences.

7. The typical family will save $2500.

8. Nobody will deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions.

• Anderson, editor of the Weekly Standard, cites a poll indicating voters who consider ObamaCare “very important” oppose the health law by 70% to 30% and those who deem it “somewhat important” are against it by 51% to 47%. Those personally affected by ObamaCare or who have friends or relatives personally affected, say the affect been very negative (46%) or very positive ( 24%). By 71% to 27%, voters favor repeal of ObamaCare with replacement by a market-based system with health plans competing for price and individuals shopping for the best price.

• Gergen, senior CNN contributor, adviser to four Presidents, Harvard Law School graduate, and director of the the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Univesity’s Kennedy School of Government say the President and his administration ought to get its act together:

“ With one hapless episode after another, The rollout of the President’s plan is beginning to rival the less-than-splendid debut of the ObamaCare website..In coming days, through his time at the United Nations and back in the White House, the President must dramatically seize the reins of leadership.”