Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why The American People Think ObamaCare Is Bad and Why They Think It Is Good**

It’s a bad plan that can’t be changed.

Since July 4, 2009, 458 national ObamaCare polls have shown:

·         20 polls (4.4%), people like it.

·         5 polls (1.1%), Tie, same number like it as dislike it.

·         433 polls (95.5%), people dislike it.

·         299 polls (65.3%),  people dislike it by double digit margins.

According to Jeffrey Anderson, writing in the April 18, 2014 Weekly Standard,  a conservative publication,  people dislike ObamaCare and think it is bad for the following  reasons:

·          it requires private citizens to buy a product of the federal government’s choosing for the first time in our nation’s entire history;

·          it funnels unprecedented amounts of power and money to Washington, D.C. and away from everyday Americans;

·          it incentivizes employers not to hire people and to cut hours for millions of people they’ve already employed;

·           it bans millions of people’s health insurance policies (except when Obama lawlessly un-bans them);

·          it causes people who like their doctors not to be able to keep their doctors;

·          it raises health costs;

·          it requires young people to subsidize maternity coverage and pediatric dental care for 60-year-olds who have no need or desire for such coverage;

·         it effectively bans doctors from expanding existing doctor-owned hospitals or building new ones,

·          it makes it  difficult for doctors to stay in private practice:

·         it  tries to corral doctors  into hospitals where they can more easily be controlled;

·          it will raise federal spending by a projected $2 trillion over its real first decade;

·         it will cut projected Medicare funding by a whopping 10 percent over that same decade, siphoning that money out of Medicare to (partially) pay for Obamacare;

·          it particularly goes after Medicare Advantage funding;

·          it stifles medical innovation;

·          it disrespects religious freedom;

·         In short,  it raises health costs, undermines liberty, costs jobs, and seeks to put American medicine under the control of the same folks who brought you
Jeffrey Anderson is entitled to his opinion.

 So much for the bad.  Others will argue ObamaCare is good because it cuts the number of uninsured,  subsidizes those who can afford health care premiums,  expands Medicaid for the poor and uninsured,   redistributes income from the have’s to the have-not’s, covers young adults  on their parent’s  plans,  protects those with pre-existing conditions, keeps seniors from  falling  into the donut hole, and forbids setting life-time limits on health costs, is a needed and fundamental step towards universal coverage.


The American people, by overwhelming 95% margins,  believe the bad outweighs the good in ObamaCare,  and the health law should be changed.

Tweet:   458 ObamaCare polls since 2009 indicate that  95.5% of Americans dislike ObamaCare, with 65.3% opposing it by double-digit margins.

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