Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ObamaCare and the 3Rs**

Reading,  ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic

Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic are education basics.  In talking of ObamaCare, however, if you are a vulnerable Democrat  running for reelection to Congress,  you avoid the other  3Rs -  Reform,  Recovery, and Rationing.  

Reading about your chances for "Reform" is depressing (“Outlook Bleak for Democrats,” Washington Post, April 28; “ObamaCare Approval Rating, a Drag on Fellow Democrats,” Real Clear Politics, April 28).

'Riting about it is hazardous. You may be quoted by the opposition as hopelessly naïve and out of touch with reality.

And the 'Rithmetic s daunting  when you consider its impact on premiums,  deductibles, costs,  and the economy.  It is a exercis in math  with more negatives than positives. 
In the words of Alice in Wonderland,  Reform  is about “Reeling and Writhing, to begin with, and the different branches of Arithmetic – Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.”

Reform,” of course, refers to ObamaCare, which was designed to wipe out the uninsured and to replace it with government subsidies and Medicaid expansion.  "Reform" was intended to cement the legacy of the President and his party as purveyors and guarantors of the entitlement state and to cement their hold on political power.  Instead “Reform” has become an albatross,  if you believe the polls, which are 96% negative on dislike of the health law; the President’s approval rating, which has dipped to 41%, and the disinclination of Democrats to even talk about reform,  especially in those seven red states up for Senatorial grabs.

As far as the second “R”, Recovery, the question is” What 'Recovery'”?   Over the last 5 years,  economic growth has averaged 1.8% compared to 3% to 4% growth in other recoveries since World War II.  And last month,  a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed 57% of Americans think the U.S. is still in a "Recession", another “R” word to be avoided except to say the "Recession" is due to those  double R, “Rotten Republicans,” who got us in the deep  hole we are in today.

The 3rd R,  Rationing,  is another No-No word for Democrats. It smacks of socialism and the rationing that always goes on in countries with that form of government.  But, alas, “Rationing” in subtle forms is precisely what Americans are getting -  “Rationing” of numbers and information as to who makes up those 8 million who signed up for health exchanges, “Rationing”, pardon“Narrowing of the Networks, “ of the hospitals and doctors who will accept health exchange patients, “Rationing” by waiting as you try to find a primary care doctor or a specialist who will accept you as a patient at those low government rates, “Rationing” of resources for Medicare Advantage patients, and “Rationing” of personal liberties and choices of  heath plans.

Tweet: 3Rs that Democrat congressional candidates avoid are woes of Reform, Recovery, and Rationing, which ObamaCare  hasbegotten.

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