Monday, April 29, 2013

It’s a Schramm Dunk:  Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship
It’s a slam dunk.
Colloquialism, borrowed from basketball, something obvious and emphatic
Carl Schramm’s message is direct, clear, and unequivocal:  Foster, support, and incent entrepreneurs and innovators, and  the U.S.  economy will bloom,  health reform will take care of itself, and the United States will achieve its manifest destiny as  a destination and beacon of freedom and prosperity  for the rest of the world. 
Schramm and co-author, Robert E. Litan, economist and vice-president of research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation, have enunciated this message in their book, Better Capitalism: Renewing the Entrepreneurial Strength of the American Economy (Yale University Press, 2012)
·         By reducing rules and regulations hampering innovation

·         By loosening  restrictions for entry  and encouraging entry into U.S. for aspiring entrepreneurs from other countries

·         By making our cities and states hotbeds for innovation
 I enjoy  reading  the works of Carl Schramm,  a professor of information studies at Syracuse University. Carl J. Schramm is an internationally recognized leader in entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth.  Schramm came to Syracuse following a decade as president of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City.
Under his leadership, the Kauffman Foundation grew into a global institution, becoming the largest private funder of economic research related to growth and innovation. Schramm initiated many efforts in education, spearheading the Kauffman Campus Program at 17 universities and establishing the first charter school in the United States to be owned by a grant-making foundation.
An entrepreneur,  economist and lawyer, Schramm founded and co-founded several successful companies in the health care, finance and information technology industries, including HCIA, Inc., Patient Choice Health Care and Greenspring Advisors.
Enough about his background,  now onto his writings which celebrate and consecrate innovation and entrepreneurialism. 
Here are the titles  of eleven   of his posts in Forbes Magazine over the last 2 years.

1.       Common College App Should Encourage Entrepreneurialism , Not Narcissism, 2 weeks ago

2.      America’s Coolest Cities, 3 weeks ago

3.      Can Austin, Tx, Become the Dubai of the United States?, 3 weeks ago

4.      11 Hottest Industries for Startups, 5 months ago

5.      Death Spiral States, 5 months ago

6.      Global Entrepreneurship Week: Three Big Lessons for America, 5 months ago

7.      The Fiscal Cliff Is a Sideshow: It’s the Economy, Not the Budget, Stupid! 5 months ago

8.      Remember Steve Jobs by Celebrating the Life He Led, 1 year ago

9.      Our Economy Needs Innovation, New Ideas, and Scalable Businesses, 1 year ago

10.  Obamacare. The Government’s Cruel War on Innovation, 15 months ago

11.  Are We Thwarting Medical Innovation?, 2 years ago
From these titles, it is evident Carl Schramm favors entrepreneurialism as the choice for individuals, cities, states, health care, and the economy in general. It is also clear he regards Obamacare as detrimental to  health reform innovation.
According to Schramm, creative energy,  innovation, and entrepreneurialism are the essential ingredients of a formula for growing the economy.  Human capital, not political capital, or, if you prefer, not the political capitol, is what  counts if we are to have a vibrant economy and sound health refom.
Schramm believes entrepreneurialism will unleash our economy and  health system potential.
Tweet: Carl Schramm, Professor of Information Studies at Syracuse, believes innovators and entrepreneurs are key to U.S.  economic growth.

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