Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Heroes
Though I am not genuine Boston, I am Boston-plated.
Ferris Greenslet (1876-1959),  Boston-based editor of The Practical Cogitator
Boston runs to brains.
William Cowper Brann (1858-1898)

Who are the heroes of the Boston bombing?
The heroes are:
·         Bostonians themselves, who have defied the terrorists by vowing to have a bigger and better marathon next year.

·         Bystanders and first responders,  who rushed to the aid of the victims.

·         The medical community, who turned medical tents into trauma units,  and emergency room personnel in nearby hospitals who quickly and efficiently treated the wounded..
Boston is a city of patriotism and brains.   It celebrates Patriots Day as part of a statewide holiday. Its single biggest industry is education with its multiple first-rate universities and its world-class medical schools and academic hospitals.
I am Boston-plated.  I attended a post-graduate course at Harvard Business School.  My son graduated from Harvard Divinity School. My wife is a product  of the Massachusetts School of Nursing.  I have been a life-time subscriber to the New England Journal of Medicine.
So here’s to good old Boston,
Home of the bean and the cod,
Where people have patriotic habits,
And doctors are on the side of God.

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