Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Depending on how the votes add up this November, the number of physicians roaming the halls of Congress could grow by half -- from 20 to 30. A total of 28 physicians have their names on the ballot. That includes 17 incumbents and 11 challengers. Of the 20 physician members of Congress, 17 are in the House and three in the Senate. All of the physician House members, except for Rep. Ron Paul, MD, (R-Texas), who made an unsuccessful bid for the White House, are running for reelection. Two senators -- Rand Paul, MD, (R-Ken.) and Tom Coburn, MD, (R-Okla.) -- are not up for reelection (Pittman, 9/17).

Tweet: There may be 30 physicians in the House and Senate after the 2012 elections.

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