Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is Your Personal Health Care Better Than It Was Four Years Ago?

One does not begin with the right answers. one begins with the right questions,

Peter F. Drucker (1900-2006)

September 4, 2012-  I suggest national polling organizatins submit these questions to their audiences.

1.  From your personal experience,  is the health care system better than it was four years ago?

2.  Do you have health insurance, i.e., are you insured?

3. Is your wait to see a doctor longer or shorter than it was four years ago?

4. Have you had trouble finding a doctor who will accept you as a patient?

5. If you are insured,  are your health premiums lower or higher than they were four eyears ago?

6. Have you had to switch health plans or doctors in the last four years?

7. Has you employer dropped you from health plan coverage?

8.  Do you favor or oppose the Affordable Care Act - the new health law passed in March 2010?

9.  Would you like to see the Affordable Care Act repealed?

10. Would you like to see it implemented as it now is?

11.  If you are a senior or one of 78 million baby boomer aout to become Medicare eligible, do you think the law is good or bad for Medicare recipients?

12.  If you are a senior would you like to see current Medicare remioan untouched, even it may go bankrupt?

13.  Based on what you know now, do you favor the Obama or Romeny plan for Medicare's future?

TweetThe future of Obamocare and Medicare is uncertain and unsustainable. What, as a patient, do you think should be done about it?


it works said...

Health care (or healthcare) is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans.

Richard L. Reece, MD said...

So? Given that diagnosis, are you better off?