Sunday, July 3, 2011

Health of the Nation - July 3, 2011

The physical health of the nation is good.
Women on average live to 81, men to 79.
Take away deaths from violence and accidents,
And we are among the world’s longest living.

Our psychological health is not so good.
Only 74% of Americans approve of Congress.
Another 66% feel we are headed in the wrong direction.
Only 37% approve of Obama's economic performance.
Most Americans are depressed about their future.

The economic health is stagnant or bad
if you ignore last week’s Dow Jones 600 point surge,
and news last year CEO pay rose 26% to $10.8 million.
Democrats spout it will only get better and better,
if only we share sacrifice and tax those filthy rich.
Republicans shout it will only go from bad to worse,
if we don’t stop spending ourselves into a ditch.

The health system’s health is on hold,
waiting for Obamacare to roll or fold.
Its fate will depend on the Supreme Court,
whether the health law will thrive or abort.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July,
Happy 235th Birthday, America!
Here’s to your Health!

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Martha Giffen said...

"Only 37% approve of Obama's economic performance"

those 37% must be blind supporters

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