Saturday, April 9, 2011

Links to Health Reform Voices on

April 9, 2011 - Now that my website is up and running, I shall explain its components. On the right side of the site, I list links to influential voices of health reform. These are sites I regularly consult as a basis for my blogs.

The Physicians Foundation- An organization representing physicians in state medical societies. Site contains information based on studies and surveys of membership.

Kevin MD – Widely read site of Kevin Pho, MD, a New Hampshire primary care doctor who presents views of doctors in the trenches.

The Health Care Blog - A San Francisco-based site that focuses on Web as source of patient empowerment.

WSJ Health Blog - A quick and dirty take on market health reform happenings in business and health industry worlds.

Health Leaders Media - A site for health care executives, aimed mostly at hospital market.

. Galen Institute - A free market think-tank take on health reform.

Kaiser Health News – The health news of the day, as seen and interpreted by Kaiser. Non-judgmental, informative.

Fierce Health Care - A Washington-based site full of business and government developments.

Health Affairs Blog – Everything you ever wanted to know as seen from the Policy Wonk perspective in leading policy journal.

DJP Update – A product from the mind of Donald J. Parlimisano, MD, JD, and a former AMA President who comments of health reform and malpractice issues of the day. Sent daily to 2334 medical leaders.

Center for Studying Health System Change - A Washington, D.C. think tank studying change in communities across the land.

ACP Advocate – A publication of the American College of Physicians, representing the nation’s internists who are pushing for a better deal for all primary care doctors.

New England Journal of Medicine - Premier journal of academia. Its “Perspective” section articles tend to favor government-based reforms and leans towards Harvard mindset.

Politico - A daily update of political events in the nation’s capital.

Real Clear Politics - Comes out of Chicago. Contains a nice balance of liberal and conservative articles and editorials and a summary of national polls averages on Obama, Congress, direction of country, and health reform.