Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poll-lution of Health Reform-Repeal

Amid a budget debate that will affect the health care of virtually every family, a new poll finds support for President Barack Obama's overhaul at its lowest level since passage last year. But in a ringing defense of Obama's policies, Medicare chief Donald Berwick pleaded Tuesday for more time on the health care law, and branded a leading Republican plan "unfair and harmful" and "a form of withholding care." The Associated Press-GfK poll showed that support for Obama's expansion of health insurance coverage has slipped to 35 percent, while opposition stands at 45 percent and another 17 percent are neutral.

Kaiser Health News, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011
- I watch polls as indicators of how the health reform-repeal debate is going. Yesterday’s Associated Press poll is not a happy sign for the Obama Administration, especially when coupled with national poll averages as collected by Real Clear Politics.

RCP Poll Averages.

1) Approval of Democrat – Obama Health Plan (average of 7 national polls)

• For, 39.6
• Against, 52.0

Spread, -12.4

2) President Obama's Job Approval

• Approve, 47.3
• Disapprove, 47.9

Spread,- 0.6

3) Congressional Job Approval

• Approve, 23.6
• Disapprove, 70.4

Spread, -47.2

4) Generic Congressional Poll

• Democrats, 41.3
• Republicans, 50.7

Spread, -9.4

5) Direction of Country

• Right Direction, 27.8
• Wrong Direction, 65.0

Spread, -37.2

Of course, President Obama’s speech today on the budget calling belatedly calling for cuts, for higher taxes on the rich, and bashing Republicans could improve these averages. Until then, there is not a positive poll in the bunch for Democrats or for President Obama, for Congress, the Senate, or the Administration as a whole.

Tweet: If multiple polls are any indication, President Obama’s health plan is in deep trouble and may well be repealed if he is not re-elected.

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