Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Media, Left and Right, on Health Repeal Debate

Preface: This week’s health reform debate has provoked a media outpouring, generally along partisan lines. Here are articles from left and the right from January 16 and 17.

1) House to Debate Health Care Law Repeal - Felicia Sonmez, Washington Post

2) Health Reform Provides Peace of Mind - Judy Putnam, Detroit News

3) Government Shouldn't Restrict Choice of Doctors, Plans - Scott Atlas, NRO

4) More Government in Health Care? Yes. - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic

5) Repeal Law and Restore Fiscal Sanity - Holtz-Eakin, Antos & Capretti, Real Clear Politic

6) Get in Line for Your Health Care Waiver - Rep. Mike Rogers, Detroit News

7) Health Reform Will Drive Down Deficits - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal

8) Democrats Seek Redo of Health Care Pitch - Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico

9) Tick, Tock: Cost of ObamaCare a Timebomb - Timothy Carney, Examiner

10) Yes, Congress Can Make Health Care Cuts Stick - Jonathan Cohn, TNR

11) Health Care System Will Always Need Gov't - Ezra Klein, Washington Post

12) Health Care Reform's Unlikely Ally - Steve Benen, Political Animal

13) Free Market Health Care - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

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