Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doctors in Congress

When new members of Congress are sworn in this January, there will be a total of 19 doctors in Congress – 3 Senators and 16 Congresspersons. That will be a 27% increase over 2009,from 15 to 19, in doctor members of Congress. These doctors will make up 3.5% of the 535 members of Congress, but will fall far short of the 10.7% of doctors who were signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Eighteen of the 19 new members are Republican. This may say something of the mood of America towards health reform, but it may have little effect on whether the health reform bill is repealed or retained in its present form.

Fifteen of the 19 are from the South or West, 5 are Ob-Gyn specialists, and 12 represent specialties who perform surgery. What this means or portends I do not know. Perhaps they will not hesitate to perform surgery on the bloated national budget and cut deficits. I take solace in recent polls, which indicate 77% of the public trust doctors to do right thing vs. 11% who trust Congress.

Here is the list of the 19 doctors in Congress.

Senate Incumbents

1. Tom Coburn (R, Republican), Oklahoma, family physician and ob-gyn
2. John Barasso (R, Wyoming), orthopedic surgeon
New Senator
3. Rand Paul, (R, Kentucky), ophthalmologist

House Incumbents

4. John Boustany ( R, Louisiana), cardiovascular surgeon
5. John Fleming (R, Louisiana), family physician
6. Bill Cassidy (R, Louisiana), gastroenterologist
7. Tom Price, (R, Georgia), orthopedic surgeon
8. Paul Brown (R, Georgia), family physician
9. Phil Gingrey(R,Georgia), Ob-Gyn
10. Ron Paul (R, Texas), Ob-Gyn
11. Michael Burgess(R, Texas), Ob-Gyn
12. David “Phil” Roe (R, Tennessee), Ob-Gyn
13. Jim McDermott (D, Washington), psychiatrist

New House members

14. Larry Bucshon (R, Indiana), thoracic surgeon
15. Andy Harris (R, Maryland), anesthesiologist
16. Dan Benishek (R, Michigan), general surgeon
17. Nan Hayworth (R, New York), ophthalmologist
18. Scott DesJaris (R, Tennessee), family physician
19. Joe Heck (R., Nevada). emergency room physician

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