Sunday, September 26, 2010

Too Many Rocks in Physician Knapsacks

General Colin Powell is quoted as saying,
Obama has too many rocks in his knapsack,
And the President’s reputation may be fraying,
Because of too heavy loads in his back rack.
General Powell is referring to two wars,
And a terrible unending domestic recession.
And how hard it is to settle political scores.
When facing a double dip depression.

Too many rocks in a knapsack is a great metaphor,
It applies to doctors and health reform, that’s for sure.
There’s a huge and looming doctor shortage out there,
Not enough doctors to spare, or for patients to share.
How do you take care of millions of more patients,
And pay attention to new doctor-patient relations,
When government is cutting doctor reimbursements,
And reducing patient disbursements?

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