Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day is Blue

This year Labor Day is Blue.
Last year, Labor Day was Black.
Blue beats Black.
Blue is the only color this Labor Day could be.
Not Yellow, bright with Hope.
That’s Easter.
This Labor Day is short on Hope.
Not Red, that’s the Fourth of July.
This year Labor Day is not that Hot.
Not Purple.
That’s Blue mixed with Black.
That’s Martin Luther King Day.
This Labor Day doesn’t fit his Dream.
Not Christmas, that’s White,
With a little Green mixed in.
This Labor Day we’re not in a spending mood.
Not November 2 election day.
That’s Black for the Democrats,
And White for the Republicans.
And voters are in a Black and White funk.
Not Thanksgiving.
That still looks and feels Brown.
This Labor Day we all feel like Turkeys.
Not New Year’s Day, 2011.
That’s too far away.
The future still looks Gray to us all.
But maybe if we labor hard,
Next Labor Day will be a Brighter Blue.

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