Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Medical Trends, Physician Business Ideas: Physician/Patient Scheduling Platform

Prelude: I occasionally receive comments from other physicians that are worthwhile repeating. Here is an example.

Dear Richard: I just read yesterday's article based on Sermo. As you look at trends for 2010, I think patient/physician communication will increase -- for the better.

As you and I both know, physicians face lost revenue when their calendars are not fully maximized, or when patients cancel at the last minute. On the flip side, patients often face frustrating wait times or delays in healthcare delivery. 

HealthLeap bridges the gap by offering physicians an online, on-demand scheduling service that improves care, compliance and practice profitability. Additionally, HealthLeap also offers physicians a specialized, personalized online presence - a simple, elegant personal website that can be created in a few minutes for free.

HealthLeap is a no-brainer for physicians and patients, alike. Sign up is simple – it takes less than two minutes to get started online and there are no restrictions based on specialty or location. Moreover, physicians can either integrate HealthLeap into their existing practice management to reflect available appointments online in real time, or easily showcase only some available appointments online using HealthLeap’s drag-and-drop interface. Once an appointment is booked, automated appointment notifications are sent to the practice and reminders are sent to patients.

Unlike other costly appointment booking platforms, HealthLeap only charges if more than one appointment is generated by the service. Their low price point of $49.95 for solo practitioners and $39.95 for group practices allows physicians to easily recoup the monthly expense from just one new appointment.

As a widely read physician blog, I want to give you and your readers exclusive access to the platform by using the invitation code DRHL10 – your physician readers can use this to register and begin using the service today.

If you are interested in learning more or in speaking with someone from HealthLeap I’ll be happy to arrange.


Nikos Kakavoulis, MD

Nikolaos I. Kakavoulis, MD
Founding Team, HealthLeap

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