Thursday, January 7, 2010

Government Reform - Reform, Gain, and Pain

For 256 million insured, where’s the gain in reform?
Will health reform help us weather the cost storm?

There will be insurance for 30 million more,
And there will be more subsidies for the poor.

Those are good things, moral things.
That take away part of the stings.

Government will compel health plans to accept
Those with disease – a great and noble concept.

Then there are all of those individual, employer, and Medicaid mandates.
Good for some, but not for persons, owners, and states in financial straits.

For many there will be gain,
For some there will be pain.

Start with politicians who must walk the plank.
Lest they with the Democratic majority break rank.

As a species, they will be in definite danger,
And may end up as dogs in the political manger.

Go to the Senate bill which will leave 23 million still uninsured,
Or to the House bill with 18 million left with insurance unsecured.

Consider most of us who will feel in 2010 the tax pain,
Yet not until 2014 will any of us see any subsidy gain.

Think of private insurers, medical suppliers, and device makers.
Who will raise prices to offset taxes and other profit takers.

Proceed to ordinary citizens and small businesses who expected cost relief,
They will be mandated to buy expensive plans and suffer financial grief.

Sympathize with the plight of young people who don’t have a clue,
They now must buy insurance, pay a fine, and face the IRS too.

And while you’re at it, ponder Medicare recipients outrage,
Who are on high alert for potential rationing at their age.

Oh well, it all comes down to something ventured,
Something gained, More of us in the future indentured.

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