Monday, January 25, 2010

Scott Brown Effect -Lessons Learned from Brown

Prelude: Carol Platt Liebau, in “Lessons for the GOP in Brown’s Victory,”, January 25 says, Republicans should learn these six lesions for Scott Brown’s Senate win in Massachusetts.

One, give it the light touch.
Be of good humor and good cheer,
Thank those independents very much,
Tell them you heard their message clear.

be specific.
Stop Obamacare, cut taxes, be strong on defense,
Tell independents their insights were terrific,
Full of immense sense, free of false pretense.

Three, don’t overpromise,
Don’t promise to boil the Democratic ocean.
Independents will see you as another doubting Thomas,
Filled with partisan enmity, an unproductive notion.

Four, forget abstract ideology,
People could care less if you’re liberals or conservatives,
Or harbor some other political theology,
Independents want solutions, not ideological preservatives.

Five, don’t fall for “big business.”
Wall Street is part of the Nanny State,
Part of the same Messiness,
Fairness for all is your Template.

Six, Grace matters,
Remember Scott Brown evoked Jack Kennedy,
The rising tide of low taxes lifts all boats,
That was grace, that was about what matters.

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