Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Government Care-Why Reform is Difficult: It's the U.S. Form of Government

Many readers have made "hits"on this previous blog of mine, now nearly 3 years old. 

In today’s The Health Care Blog, Humphrey Taylor, Chairman of the Harris Poll and Harris Interactive, speculates why U.S. health reform is more difficult than in other countries.

He gives these reasons. The comments are mine.

ONE, their systems are much simpler, i.e., they don’t have a thousand points of payment. Comment: In America, we call this freedom and choice.

TWO, they already have universal coverage and can focus on improving care, efficiency, and cost containment. Comment: In other words, government rules and trumps private sector.

THREE, they have parliamentary systems, where a simple majority rules. Comment: “Simple majorities” can lead to social tyranny.

FOUR, lobbies, i.e. special interests, are more influential in the U.S. Comment: The biggest “special interest” of them all is a dominant unchecked politic party.

FIVE, the power of money: in other countries elected officials do not have to raise vast amounts of money to be elected. Comment: I agree. A prime example is Barack Obama, who raised unprecedented amounts of money from Wall Street and Internet followers.

SIX, they only need a bare majority of votes in their legislature and have no such thing as a filibuster. Comment: Good point. Our founding fathers set up a system to frustrate sweeping changes by a “bare: majority.

SEVEN, the U.S. has partisan news networks, especially Fox News, and talk radio that spread emotional, often misleading arguments that fuel populist feelings, and dumb down the debate. Comment: This is typical elistist rhetoric, that somehow those in D.C. and liberal media, have a stranglehold on intellect, wisdom, and objectivity,

Is the U.S. System of Government Desirable?

Some wonder if the U.S. system of government is desirable,

Wouldn’t be just wonderful to adopt a system more malleable?

Such a change would help clean up the health care mess,

End influences of lobbying, money, and partisan press,

And provide health care that’s simple, good, and universal


kevinh76 said...

Absolutely right on the mark, as usual. This is America, ruled by our Constitution. This is how it is supposed to be.

kevinh76 said...
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