Thursday, December 24, 2009

Government reform - Now, The Constituents

Senate Democrats had to pass the health reform bill before Christmas. Otherwise, they would have to face angry constituents with no deed done.

They would have explain,

• Senator Ben Nelson’s reversal of his earlier pledge “My vote is not for sale, period.”

• House leader Nancy Pelosi’s remark, “We have to keep members away from their constituents so we can pass this bill.”

• Why they passed the bill despite a NBC/WSJ poll saying only 32 percent thought Obamacare was a “good idea.”

• Why most constituents feel premium costs will rise.

• Why Medicare will cut benefits.

• Why mandates will force individuals to buy expensive plans.

• Why government boards will decide who gets what.

• Why patients can expect longer waiting lines as doctors get pinched for reimbursements.

• How Medicare will control surgeons’ decisions and how many resources doctors can use.

Be of good cheer, you federal legislators. But be prepared for post-Christmas jeers. Be ready to look your constituents in the eye and say why you said “aye.”

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