Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reducing Health Costs, More for Less

How do you reduce health costs?
Who – gov or markets -will be the boss?
That is the real question.
That is the real obsession,
No belief system wants a loss.

But where do you go to cut?
You go to where there’s a money glut.
You go to programs of big gov,
To the political powers above,
But there’s one great big but.

You have to execute a delicate finesse.
You have explain with big gov, more is less
The more big gov has to tax and spend,
The less care the old get in the end.
That’s the big secret, more for less.

This takes a tricky explanation,
For it is a sticky proposition.
Less care, you explain, is more.
When it has big gov at its core.
It's magic math, subtraction is addition.

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