Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Health Reform, Rednecks, and Bluenecks

I was speaking to a dear friend from Missouri this week. He informed me Americans attending town hall meetings, tea parties, and protesting health reform bills in the capitol in Washington, were nothing more than rednecks.


When I asked him to show me what what he meant by rednecks (Missouri is the Show-Me State), he explained,

” Rednecks are loud, bigoted, racist, even fascist. They are close-minded. They tend to be fat, white, old, conservative, and Republican. They are for the rich, of the rich, and exploit some capitalistic affluent niche.”

”Most come from Red States. They dress up in ties and white shirts, worn especially for protest occasions. They either lie or spout misinformation. They are close-minded. Their heroes are Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannitty, Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Dick Morris, and Rush Limbaugh. They get all of their talking points from Talk Radio and Fox News.

They never think for themselves. Given our moral and intellectual power, we must act and think for them. They are essentially right wing robots parroting slogans drilled into them by their conservative mentors and masters.

They are mean-spirited and as cruel as junk-yard dogs. They keep insisting the money they earn should be their own, to be spent as they please, not at the whim of a compassionate government. They talk endlessly or freedom and choice."

Brainwashed Grassroots

When I pointed out that polls indicate only 42% of Americans, 33% of Seniors support Obamacare, and 20% say they are liberal, 40% conservative, 40% independent, he replied, “ The Grassroots has been brainwashed. They do not know what is good for them and good for the country."

Only we know what is good for their health and well-being. Only we have the collective wisdom and the comprehensive data to bring more coverage to more people at an affordable price. We will snuff out greedy, profit-making businesses who should never be in health care. ”


Your problem, I countered, is that you are a Blueneck.

What, he asked, is a Blueneck?

A Blueneck, I explained, is not a Blue Dog. A Blue Dog is a conservative or moderate Democrat. A Blueneck is an Independent who takes any position that is good for mankind. A Blueneck is color blind, tolerant, multicultural, secular, fair, open minded, and above all, politically correct.

A Blueneck never takes a position that might offend his political base. A Blueneck is inherently and incessantly progressive. He is always politically correct and believes everyone is a victim of society’s injustices. With a Blueneck, anything and everything goes, as long as it doesn’t offend anybody in his under-privileged and overly-abused constituency. He is for the hopeless, the helpless, and the oppressed. A Blueneck never discrimates, except against those who disagree with him or who challenge his self-righteousness or hypocrisy.

A Blueneck believes what is good for the Government is good for the People, even though the people do not yet understand his magnanimity.

A Blueneck believes in change. He does not, for example, believe that the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights are set in concrete. These foundations of our Democracy as articulate by our Founding Fathers are subject to interpretation as long as they contribute to humankind’s progress and world peace.

A Blueneck does not necessarily live in a Blue State. He lives in academia, in educational establishments everywhere, in corridors of state and federal government, in the Halls of Congress, in law firms serving the public good, in industries that profit from government contracts, and everywhere where people live and work for the common good and for the common use of redistributed common money.

A Blueneck seeks and speaks only the Truth, reads, views, and listens to and responds only to those publications and news outlets and politicians that promote the Objective Truth as he sees it. He is always open minded and receptive to those arguments that fit his world view.

I respect the sincerity, integrity, and intelligence of both rednecks and bluenecks and everybody in-between. There is room in America for different opinions.

Dr. Richard Reece is author, blogger, speaker, and innovation and reform commentator. Dr. Reece’s latest book, Obama, Doctors, and Health Reform (IUniverse.com) is available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and booksamillion.com for $31.95 (hardcover), $21.95 (softcover), and $6.95 (electronic). For information on speaking fees and arrangements, call 860-395-1501.


Unknown said...

You sure have invented some facts for my comments, friend.

Super writing, however.

Richard L. Reece, MD said...

This is satire. Satire makes fun of extreme points of view. I mean no harm. I just hope I can elicit a smile or two.