Monday, January 19, 2009

Reece, Personal musings - A Doctor's Toast to the New President on the Eve of His Inauguration and on Martin Luther King Day

January 19, 2008

To this day

To this eve

To the fulfillment of your dream

To the content of your character

To hope

To change

To vision

To audacity

To equality

To selflessness

To graciousness

To unity

To fairness

To respect

To idealism

To realism

To coverage for all

To access for all

To more doctors for more access

To the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

To the Physicians’ Foundation

To hardworking doctors of every specialty

To sick patients in need of care

To affordable care

To health care savings

To better clinical information systems

To workable and affordable systems

To more prevention

To personal responsibility

To the right foods

To more exercise

To no smoking

To less obesity and diabetes

To manageable chronic disease

To better outcomes

To comprehensive care

To coordinated care

To equitable top-down dispensation

To energetic bottom-up innovation

To patient responsibility

To doctor accountability

To financial trasparency

To multicultural fluency

To freedom to chose

To freedom to pay

To freer exercise of judgment

To revamped Medicare doctor pay

To malpractice reform

To MD-to-MD cooperation

To doctor-hospital collaboration

To respect for markets

To less intrusive government

to paying for what's defendable

To not paying for what's expendable

To feasible individualism

To entrepreneurism

To reasonable collectivism

To less regulations and hassles

To fewer unneeded frazzles

To a sustainable health system

To economic recovery

To 2009 and beyond

To doing the right thing

To celebrating what counts most

To you and your family

To your health

To the nation's health

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