Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogging doggerel - Hardening of the Categories

Oh, I pray I shall never come down,
with hardening of the categories.
Just thinking of it brings a frown.
It’s worse than hardening of the arteries.

It’s manifested by mental sclerosis,
by absolute closemindedness,
by absence of cerebral osmosis,
by intellectual nearsightedness.

It’s common among every computer geek,
who thinks for everything there’s a protocol,
for every problem an algorithm they seek.
that will solve any problem once and for all.

It’s common among those with fixed ideologies,
who suffer from comprehensive myopias,
who to everything attribute pathologies,
but in their beliefs always see utopias.

They forget those with tunnel vision,
never see light outside the tunnel,
never undergo thought revision,
never step outside their narrow funnel.

In foxholes there are no atheists,
In economic meltdowns no ideologues,
There you will find only pantheists,
only those who fear death or going to the economic dogs.

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