Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reece, Personal musings - A Call to My Mother

Operator, connect me to heaven.
The number is nine eleven.

This is a real emergency,
It’s Mother’s Day,
I have a sense of urgency.

I need to speak to my late mother,
Only she will do, and no other.


Hi, Mom,

How are you doing up there?

How are things down here?

Well, down here things are only fair.

What do I mean by that?
What’s the chit-chat?

Well, the American economy is in the ditch.
Some say the country is only for the rich.
The price of gas, believe it or not, is $4 a gallon,
which is bad, no matter what your mpg.
Everybody is complaining about health care,
and why family doctors are getting to be so rare.

Who is running for president?

A young fellow named Obama,
who had a nice Kansas Mamma.
And an old navy guy named McCain,
whose mother of 96 has no cane.

Do I miss you?

You bet I miss you, mother.
I’ll never have another mother
Someone who loves me unconditionally,
and anything else I do additionally.

You say that last rhyme was a real stretch,
One that didn’t really rhyme or quite mesh.

I suppose that is so, but like all the other good Mamas,
You‘ll forgive me, even if I go to bed with soiled pajamas.

Sorry, Momma, the operator says our time is nearly done,
I love you, I miss you, and I will call next year,
same time, same son.

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