Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prevention - Distilling the Essence of Red Wine

“Glaxo to Buy Sitris in Bet on Anti-aging Research”, Wall Street Journal headline

Sitris, of Cambridge, Mass., is working on commercializing resveratol, a chemical in red wine, and a follow-on drug to fight diabetes and other conditions. Advocates suspect that resveratol may also increase lifespan, though that has yet to be shown.

Keith J. Winstein, Wall Street Journal, April 23, 2008

I’ve heard it said, and I’m sure it’s true
That drinking red wine is good for you.

That’s why Glaxo, Inc., is buying Sitris, Inc
Another Pharma which, acting on inc-tinct,

Sitris is hastily commercializing Reseveratol,
That stuff in red wine that’s better than Geritol,

After all, people surrounding the Mediterranean basin,
Live longer than Americans who towards death do hasten.

You may say it’s not the wine but the siestas,
But red wine adds something to life’s fiestas.

And you may say it’s all that olive oil,
That adds more time in this earthly coil.

Say what you may,
Red wine is OK.

Resveratol may make you feel more exhilarated,
It may help you liinger longer than anticipated.

Resveratol given in large doses to diabetics,
Greatly enhances glucose lowering kinetics.

And when Resveratol is fed to morbidly fat rats,
It’s been shown to gives them more times-at-bats.

When it comes to longer and better living,
Some say more red wine keeps on giving.

Whether the essence of red wine,
Prolongs life of the human line.

Remains yet to be seen,
But people will be keen,

To volunteering as subjects in clinical trials,
My bet is they’ll be lining up in the aisles.

Caveat: Too much red wine can be dangerous thing,
If it propels you to go on a derangerous fling.

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