Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reece, personal musings - On Being Dyslexic

I have a confession to make

I am dyslexic

It’s not asey being dsylexic

I titled my last medinnovation blog

“Slwoing” the growth of health costs

You’d think I’d spellcheck

I will the time next

Being dyslexic

Can be downright em-bareassing

If you know what I mean

I don’t google

I go ogle

I don’t walk into a bar

I walk into a bra

In church I don’t say

Word of God

I say Gord of Wod

I reverse telephone numbers

And my social security number

People don’t understand

Dyslexia is verbal contraband

I misspell words

I mix up my “c’s” and “s’s”

and my “b’s” and “d’s”

and my bvds and my dvds

I misread the clock

And the time of day

Instead of 2:10 it is 1:20

I’m always early – or late

No, it’s not esay being dyslexic

Especially in something

As delirious as health.

Dyslexia is not sexia

Please forgive me

I know not always

What I did.


Dr. Val said...

I didn't realize you have dyslexia. I noticed the occasional typo here and there... :) I think I have a very mild version of it... when I write really quickly I flip letters and words a bit. Is there such a thing as mild dyslexia? ;)

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