Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reece, Personal musings - Orgism

I believe in words. As Barack Obama said, “Words matter.”

I believe in short words. As Winston Churchill said, “Short words are best.”

I believe in new words. New words express new ideas.

I believe in new ideas, the fount of creativity.

I believe in organisms. We are one of them.

I believe in –isms. –Isms are systems of belief, and to create we must believe.

I believe one short word is good when it combines two ideas – organisms and belief systems.

I believe in word play. Orgism climaxes creative excitement, as orgasm climaxes sexual excitement.

I believe organizations can practice orgism – the bringing together of individuals to combine ideas and beliefs.

I believe some ideas and beliefs are more equal than others, but all must be listened to and weighed.

I believe the Mayo Clinic is an orgistic organization in that it believes the consensus of thousands of doctors means something.

I believe the Mayo consensus on health reform, reached after a year of meetings at Mayo and elsewhere, is worth considering.

Mayo believes,

• We already spend enough money on health care.

• Everybody should be required to buy insurance.

• Employers should contribute.

• Government should support those who can’t afford to pay.

• Electronic records will be required to coordinate care.

• Medicare should give more money for good outcomes and less money for bad outcomes.

Those are Mayo’s beliefs.

Believe them or not, but think about them.

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