Sunday, March 30, 2008

Managed Care - The Industry Everybody Loves to Have

In the Spring of 2007. 113 hospital and physician organizations completed a survey on their attitudes towards managed care- a common enemy.

The words used to describe managed care were, in no particular order.

• Inflexible
• Rigid
• Incompetent
• Arrogant
• Greedy
• Unresponsible
• Pushy
• Unethical
• Careless
• Clueless

The managed care loser, in order of enmity, were,

• United HealthCare, 91%
• WellPoint/Anthem, 48%
• Cigna, 47%
• Aetna, 37%

To improve relations, doctors and hospitals suggest,

• Honest P4P programs
• Data exchange
• Streamlines business practices
• Clarity

Emad Rizk, MD, president of McKesson Health Solutions, says managed care can improve by

• Pick geographic areas in which they have more than 15% market share.
• Select a disease or populations in which they want to improve their image.
• Target hospitals and doctors with which they want better relations.
• Agree upon clinical process.
• Agree on outcome goals you want to achieve.
• Share financial incentives you will give.
• Agree on how to share data.

* Summarized from “Managed Care Can Improve Relations with Providers,”, March 19, 2008.

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