Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blogging, doggerel - More Medical Groups

In a recent post, I suggested a series of group names for certain specialists. Readers recommend these additions

A Scrotum of Urologists
A Clot of Hematologists
A Phalanx of Hand Surgeons
A Tarsus of Foot Surgeons
A Pedology of Pediatricians
A Premie of Neonatologists
An Elder of Geriatricians
A Grope of Sex Therapists
A Flaccid of ED Specialists
A Clan of Family Physicians
An Implant of Plastic Surgeons
A Conduction of Cardiologists
A Cohort of Epidemiologists
A Sample of Biostatisticians
A School of Deans
A Gonad of Fertility Specialists
An Eruption of Dermatologists
A Corridor of Hospitalists
A Plethora of Proceduralists
A Triage of ER Physicians
A Polyp of Colonoscopists
A Loci of Locums
A Finding of Researchers
An AA-Ha of ENT Specialists
An A-Choo of Cold Sufferers
A Cliché of Medical Writers
A Rejection of Medical Editors
A Trivia of Medical Bloggers

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