Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogging, Doggerel - An Exercise in Medical Group Think

If you have any groups to add, feel free to do so.

A Community of Sermo Physicians
A Family of General Practitioners
A Palpitation of Internists
A Stent of Cardiologists
A Bypass of Heart Surgeons
A Vault of Gynecologists
A Stirrup of Obstetricians

A Differential of Diagnosticians
A Void of Urologists
A Pile of Proctologists
A Movement of Gastroenterologists
A Mass of Oncologists
A Rash of Dermatologists
An Augmentation of Breast Surgeons
A Lift of Plastic Surgeons
A Cast of Orthopedists

A Hive of Allergists
A Shot of Pediatricians
A Scope of Laryngologists
A Passage of Rhinologists
A Detachment of Ophthalmologists
A Retinue of Retina Specialists
A Breath of Pulmonologists
A Joint of Rheumatologists
A Vein of Hematologists
A Lobe of Neurosurgeons
An Ablation of Surgeons
A Circulation of Vascular Surgeons

A Bag of Anesthesiologists
A Scan of Radiologists
An Invasion of Interventionists
A Corridor of Hospitalists
A Plethora of Proceduralists
A Crisis of Critical Care Doctors
A Triage of ER Doctors
A Body of Pathologists

A Complex of Psychoanalysts
A Panic of Paranoids
A Split of Schizoids
A Kvetch of Hypochondriacs
A Congress of Sexologists

An Arch of Podiatrists
A Colony of Microbiologists
A Plague of Epidemiologists
A Helix of Geneticists
A Host of Parisitologists
A Batch of Virologists
A Dearth of Nurses
A Sleepwalk of Residents
A Pan of Orderlies
A Tray of Dieticians
A Pestle of Pharmacists
A Pharmacopeia of Nostrums
A Killing of Medical Insurers

A Brace of Orthodontists
A Wince of Dentists
A Plaque if Periodontists
A Canal of Endodontists

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