Monday, December 24, 2007

Blogging, Doggerel - Christmas Is Green

All right, fellow physicians out there.

Put this in your Christmas stocking,

And in your Santa Claus hat,

Take the day off from doctor thoughts,

And think like a child.

After all, it is their day.

Christmas is green.

And not for the reason you think

It is Green because it is Green.

This is simply a matter of fact.

It is ridiculous to ask why.

Oh, I know some say it is White.

Some even say it is Blue.

While others claim it is Red.

These people are wrong.

White is New Year’s Day.

Blue is reserved for Columbus Day

Because he sailed the Ocean Blue.

And the Fourth of July is Red,

A Hot Red, a Glorious Red.

A Swinging, Beautiful, Sunset Red.

What about Brown?

Could Christmas be Brown?

No, Brown is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving looks, smells, and sounds Brown,

A Glowing, Lush, Golden Brown.

Of course, Labor Day is Gray.

What other color could it be?

It sounds correct, and it is correct.

Besides there is no other Holiday

That is remotely Gray.

Not Washington’s or Lincoln’s birthdays,

Which are respectively Purple and Black.

And so all most Holidays are accounted for,

Except Easter, Memorial Day,

And Martin Luther King Day..

Easter as everybody knows is Yellow,

A Kight Yellow, almost a White Yellow.

Some uniformed people say Easter is Pink,

But these people are uniformed.

And what about Memorial Day?

Undoubtedly that day is Orchid,

A mixture of sadness and gladness

And Red and White and Blue

So Orchid Memorial Day is,

Martin Luther King Day?

Blue Black overcast with Gray.

And so by logical exclusion

In your differential diagnosis,

That leaves Green for Christmas.

What does all of this have to do with doctoring?

Nothing at all.

But it has everything to do

With faith and hope

And colors and celebrations

And imagination.

After all, that is what

Christmas is all about.

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