Saturday, December 29, 2007

Health Plans - America’s Health Insurance Plans Move to Cover Political Black Eye

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) are proposing to cover more people with pre-existing conditions if individual states will help subsidize the cost.

Currently health plans have a political black eye for canceling or refusing to accept individuals with pre-existing conditions or who are otherwise at high risk. In a survey, AHIP found 11% of all people who apply for policies are not accepted. Nearly 30% of individuals in their 60s too young for Medicare are rejected.

In putting forth this proposal, AHIP is reacting to universal coverage initiatives in 11 states, which frequently contain a clause saying all individuals with pre-existing coverage must be accepted. Forcing acceptance of all with pre-existing conditions is also popular among presidential candidates.

The health plan industry is proposing everybody whose medical costs are twice the average, and to cap the premiums of other high risk individuals at 150% of the market rate..

The AHIP is the latest example of the shifting reform sands as the health plan industry attempts to adjust to demands for wider coverage and a broader safety net.

I believe broader coverage for individuals with pre-existing illness or who are at high risk is a good idea. I wonder how often physicians encounter these individuals and how you help resolve their problems.


Lisa Emrich said...

AHIP may be trying to cover a black eye, but this proposal doesn't anything but.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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