Sunday, October 9, 2016

What’s Cooking on Eve of Second Presidential Debate
If you pay close attention to what’s cooking in the eve of tonight’s presidential debate,  the consensus is clear.
Cooking of Trump Goose
What’s cooking is Donald Trump’s goose.   His vulgar tape of 11 years ago has finally done him in.  If not a cooked goose, he is definitely a dead duck, unfit to replace the present lame duck.  Trump, it is said, is sexual predator and dangerous demagogue posing as a presidential candidate.
So the media and the editorial boards of major newspapers,  including  the conservative Arizona Republican,  Dallas Morning News,  and The Wall Street Journal would have us believe.
They may be right, for once again the gaffe-prone Donald Trump is stewing in the juice of  his past, his temperament, and his character.
 Unfortunate Part of the Cooking Controversy
The unfortunate part of this boiling controversy is that  it  overshadows other salient issues.
Some 70 percent of Amerifcans, mostly living in fly-over-country between the Eastern and Western left coasts, think American is headed in the wrong direction.
These middle-of-the-country folk are concerned about these issues.

·         The tepid 2% growth of the American economy over the last 8 years.


·         The effective unemployment grate, if you include those who have stopped looking for jobs, of 10 percent/


·         The stagnation of  wages and savings.


·         The erosion of middle class cultural values in the wake of rampant secularism.


·         The decline of  American prestige and power on the world stage secondary to  globalism,   failed foreign policies, and the rise to terrorism.


·         The frustrations of the “silent majority” which as been drowned out by the vocal minority , especially in academia,  the press, and other strands of the liberal elite.
  • The "crazy" ObamaCare system, which Bill Clinton notes covers 25 million uninsured Americans while soaking millions more Americans with double digit premium and unaffordable deductibles while narrowing their choices of doctors and hospitals.
It’s enough to give you goose bumps about America’s future.   People are worried the present administration’s policies and their consequences have killed America’s golden goose.

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