Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I am aware  what you must be thinking,

CMSBS is bureaucratic language stinking.

Well, you’re partly right but mostly wrong.

 CMS is a well-known governmental dipthong,

short for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,

BS stands not what you think but for Bundled Services,

By 2019 CMS hopes to merge bills for episodes of care

into a consolidated bill for preop, op, and postop fare,

Thereby making care seamless and collaborative,

under the illusion everything will  be co-operative.

CMS will start with artificial hip and knee insertions,

and  presumably for other types of joint reversions.

CMS will call this CJR – Comprehensive Joint Replacements-

to wipe out any trace of  multiple bill placements,

Hospitals, doctors, and rehab services are not yet ready,

And for the new billing arrangements are unsteady,

But never mind,  CMS says what health care needs now,

is a  federal acronym to rein in the runaway cash cow.

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