Thursday, July 2, 2015

ObamaCare: Cost to Taxpayers of Health Exchange Subsidies

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that 6.7 million people will continue to receive federal health exchange subsidies, it’s time for a little math.

These 6.7 million people receive $362 a month in subsidies.

Multiple $362 by 12, and that comes to $4344 per year.

Multiply $4344 by 6.7 million and you get $29 billion per year.

Add 2.5 million subsidized people now on state health exchange subsidies to the 6.7 million, and you arrive at the figure of 9.2 million now on federal and state subsidies.

Multiple 9.2 million by $4344, and it comes to $40 billion.

Take into account, that ½ of America’s 320 million citizens pay no income taxes, and that leaves 160 million taxpayers paying the $ 40 billion.

Divide $40 billion by 160 million, and you get $2500 per taxpayer per year.

President Obama has 18 months to go in his term. Multiple $2500 by 1 ½ (18 month/12 months) and that amounts to $3750 per taxpayer per subsidized patient on federal and state exchanges for the rest of his 2nd term.

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