Thursday, October 9, 2014

ObamaCare Waves

What Are the Wild Waves Saying?

J.E. Carpenter, Title of Song, 1850

As November 4 midterm approaches in 26 days, Obamacare waves are breaking upon the beaches.

Today Fox News’ Jim Angle ran a story “More Health Plans To Be Cancelled Under ObamaCare.” Angle reports 13 states will cancel hundreds of thousands of health plans plans before November 1 because the plans do not comply with ObamaCare requirements.

Most prominent among these states will be Virginia, It will cancer 250,000 plans. These cancellations may not sit well with the electorate, who will go to the polls on November 4.

Obama has told the public 37 times they can keep their doctors and health plans, and voters may be growing leery of Obama’s dashed promises.


President Obama himself must be growing weary of these waves. The waves include waves or high premiums and deductibles, waves of discontent over hassles of signing up for, waves, waves of closures of small rural hospitals, waves of small businesses hiring only part-time rather than full-time workers to avoid ObamaCare penalties, waves of doctors not accepting health exchange plans, waves of people opting-out of health insurance and paying the penalties instead, and, of course, waves of withering GOP criticisms over ObamaCare disruptions.

Then there are those waves of media reports.

• “ObamaCare Waves Reach Shores of Local Hospitals, “ Blytheville Courier News, June 22, 2014

• “GOP Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law,” New York Times, November 20, 2014

• “The 2014 ObamaCare Tax Wave,” Politico, January 6, 2014

• “Second Wave of Health-Insurance Disruptions Affects Small Businesses,” Washington Post, January 11, 2014

• “Get Ready for Second Waves of ObamaCare Market Dispuptions,” Hot Air, January 11, 2014

What are these wild waves saying? Are they saying these waves are forerunners of a big Republican wave with the election of a GOP Senate? Are they saying the time may be coming to wave ObamaCare goodbye?

I know not. Neither do pollsters and pundits. Voters hold the answers in their hands and heads, and even they may be undecided at this point.

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